Monday, November 24, 2014

In the Backyard

6 x 6 inches (variable) - digital painting - Here is another digital painting using Krita. In this case I used a pastel brush throughout.

Here is a screenshot in case you are interested in what the process looks like.

The top right shows my reference photo that I took while travelling to Michigan. I started with a coloured canvas (dark ultramarine). I then sketched on a separate layer using a redish orange with a basic brush. After that the painting was completed entirely with a pastel brush, varying colour and size (deevad_3xr_mixing-pastel-textured). I tried real pastels a while ago and really enjoyed them but did not enjoy worrying about damaging them in storage or the expense of framing. This way, there is no mess, no expense and no fuss. It feels different but has a similar feel to the real thing.

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