Wednesday, May 13, 2015


6 x 6 inches - oil on gessoboard - I have been making some adjustments to my studio which will be revealed in due course.  This painting was created using a new process that might work for me in future.  Sitting with my morning coffee, I took a photo using my ipad of the light streaming onto the sofa in what I thought was an interesting way. I then fed it into photoshop light also on the ipad and adjusted by cropping and fiddling with the saturation etc.  I then fed the image into artrage on the ipad also and painted over it where I knew I wanted to adjust some things. I then used the ipad with a program called Photo VideoCast to send it to the monitor that is in my studio equipped with a Chromecast device which cost $35. I can paint directly from the reference on the monitor which is right beside my easel.

It sounds complicated but its not and in a few minutes while I am having coffee, I have figured out what I am going to paint next.

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